What is Bush Hogging?

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No, this does not have anything to do with pigs or wild hogs. It is often referred to as bush hogging (or brush hogging) and is the process in which a rotary mower cuts through overgrown bushes and grass. The rotary mower is often hooked up to a tractor or skidsteer and driven through a field just as you would with a traditional riding lawn mower. The difference is that traditional lawn mowers have a hard time cutting through thick grasses, bushes, and small trees which makes the bush hog attachment the best way to manage the job.

So, why would you need to bush hog your land? We find that many landowners need a bush hogging service because the landscape has become too much to maintain over the years. Land owners seek a bush hogging service for cutting fields, clearing trails, or general maintenance. We even find that landowners and hunters seek the service if they have a deer food plot that needs some “TLC”. After bush hogging a food plot, you would often follow up by disking the field to turn up the grass roots and plant your food plot thereafter.

If you have any bush hogging, land clearing, or deer food plot needs contact Excavation Contractors LLC today.

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