We will Destroy Your Yard

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Yes, you did read that right – We will destroy your yard. We aren’t happy about it either but we do our best to… well… not destroy your yard.

When earthwork, demo, drainage, or excavation jobs are required for your project, this means that we will more than likely be bringing in some type of equipment to complete the project. Most of the time, this means that we will need to drive over sodded areas, planter beds, and potentially remove fences or gates to drive equipment into the work area.

By the end of the job, you may see depressions in the grass or flower beds, mud tracked in places it shouldn’t be, tire tracks on the driveway, or maybe even trenches through your grass that were needed to install drainage. There are multiple methods to reduce the damage to your yard such as laying down plywood in heavily trafficked areas, using tarps to put dirt or gravel on, not working under wet conditions, and many other ways to reduce disturbance.

If keeping the disturbance to landscape at a minimum is required, we still have options that will work, however there are some trade offs. Smaller equipment for performing the work by hand may be required. While this keeps the disturbance down, it may come with a higher price to complete the job as it is less efficient to work with smaller equipment or by hand. If you are looking for minimal disturbance, it would be wise to relay this to all the contractors you are seeking a proposal from. If missed during the bid process, it can result in additional costs that you were not expecting.

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