Top 3 Mistakes when Installing a French Drain

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If you are considering a french drain installation to solve your drainage problems, these are the common problems with french drains you will want to take into consideration:

Slope of the pipe: If the pipe in the french drain is improperly sloped, the water will not be able to exit the drainage system. It is normally recommended that the pipe have a 1% slope down towards the outlet pipe.

Consideration of the discharge point: You need to strategically place your discharge point which will often be a pop-up drain. If you place this in an area where water cannot continue to keep flowing, you will have another problem to deal with. Discharging near a curb or in an area that slopes away from the area is your best option.

Wrapping your trench: You want to make sure that the entire trench, rock, and pipe are all wrapped with fabric so that the dirt is not in direct contact with the rock or pipe. If the dirt is in direct contact with one of those things, it will clog your entire system and not work properly.

These are just the top three mistakes we commonly see when people install french drain systems. While they may work for a year or less, they will lose productivity over time and may be required to be reinstalled.

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