There’s a Sinkhole In My Yard!

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At Excavation Contractors LLC, we’ve been called to many sites with a homeowner claiming to have a sinkhole in their yard. Upon arrival, and examination of the alleged “sinkhole”, it is determined by our experts to be an area of dirt that is settling.

Settling occurs when the subsurface material, often referred to in the trade as subgrade, has not been properly compacted or has been filled with material that is not suitable support the top layer of dirt, concrete, or asphalt. This will leave you with an area in your yard that often creates a bowl-like surface that may collect water.

A sinkhole, comparatively, is also created due to the lack of support from the subsurface, but stems from naturally flowing groundwater that carves through the earth to make massive voids underground.

If you have settling in your yard, Excavation Contractors LLC is here to help. Please visit our homepage and give us a call for a free estimate today.

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