Should I put Down Seeding After Grading my Yard?

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There are a couple reasons why you would seed a recently graded area, but the reason why you are probably reading this post is because you need a Contractor to grade your yard or install a new drainage area. The discussion of seeding might have been kicked around from research you’ve done or the Contractors you’ve talked with (If not we will have a post for more info on Erosion Control soon).

Why do I need to seed my yard?

Well, if you just spent a bunch of money for a Contractor to flatten an area in your yard, what if I told you that could all get washed down the drain… literally. When a Contractor begins working, or finishes a dirt job, it is exposed to potential erosion that must be mitigated. Erosion is when exposed dirt is eaten away by natural water flowing over the area such as rain or river water (There are many different kinds of erosion, but for the sake of this post we will just talk about water erosion). Not only does the erosion create uneven surfaces in the dirt, but the erosion of the dirt can eventually make it to creeks, rivers, or streams and be classified as a pollutant.

So why seed your yard after a recent grading? Grass seed grows grass (rocket science, I know). It’s the grass that has the erosion prevention measures that we are looking for. The grass will slow down the water that is draining across the leveled area, create a thick root system preventing erosion, and help to soak up the water.

Now, if we have convinced you to put that seed down to protect your newly graded project let me just throw one last recommendation out: Protect that seed with hay. We won’t go too deep into it but here are the bullet points you need. 


  • Provides nutrients for grass to grow when breaking down
  • Protects your seed from washing away during a rainstorm
  • Protects your seed from blowing away from the wind
  • Retains water better for your seed to grow
  • Provides insulation from colder weather
  • Deters birds from eating the seed

At Excavation Contractors LLC, we like to tell our customers that this is something they might want to take on themselves if they are trying to save some money after we are done. If you can mow a lawn, you can probably seed a yard. BUT… If you don’t want to deal with hauling a trailer full of seed and hay, we are more than happy to assist you on this final portion of your job!

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