How to Clean Out Yard Drains

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If you are finding that your yard drains are not working properly, it could mean that they are all clogged up with dirt. Here’s the steps you will want to follow to try and clean out your yard drains.

  1. Determine the start and end of the drain lines. The start of the drain line could be at a downspout or drainage box in the ground. The end of the drainage line could be a “pop-up” or some other type of outlet structure. The ends of drainage lines are often by the street, driveways, sidewalks, or low areas in your yard. If you can’t find the outlet, you may be able to find it after you get to step 3.
  2. Starting at the low end of the drainage line, see if you can remove any debris in the line with your hand or a shovel. Then at the beginning of the line, do the same thing by removing any debris possible.
  3. Next, take a hose and put it inside the pipe at the beginning (high end) of the line. Start flushing out the line and see if you are getting water on the low end. For a properly installed and clean line, you should be seeing water coming out almost as fast as it is going in. If water is very slowly pouring out the line may either be filled with dirt, broken somewhere in the line, or may have been improperly installed. If you don’t see any water at all, you may have a completely clogged line or found the wrong outlet. Watch the high end of the pipe to see if it starts backing up.
  4. If step 3 did not clean out your drainage line, you might have to take more drastic measures. For pipes that are clogged with a large amount of dirt or debris, you will want to snake the line. Our suggestion would be to start on the low end to clear the outlet. If you can stick a hose or pressure washer in the pipe while you are snaking, this may help dislodge any debris. Next, repeat this task on the high end. You should be able to see water flowing through now.
  5. If snaking and flushing still don’t work, it is probably time to replace your lines to avoid any future damage.

Excavation Contractors LLC is here to help, whether you need existing drain lines snaked or new lines installed.

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