French Drains: Cost Effective Drainage

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French drain…it sounds fancy and expensive but is actually a cost effective way to manage water drainage on your property. You may have noticed that after a large storm you have a significant amount of water puddling which may take hours or even days to disperse from your yard. This is normally due to the way that your yard has been graded, leaving water trapped with nowhere to go. Your options are to “re-grade” your property so that the water can travel to where it needs to go, or you can install a french drain.

French drains work by installing perforated pipes (pipes with small holes in it) in the ground and covering with crushed rock so that water can flow from the surface and into the trench. The trench will then begin to fill up with water until it reaches a certain height and the perforated pipe will allow the water to freely flow to an outlet. When left untreated, water can eventually cause damage to homes and other structures or cause soil erosion problems.

French drains are a perfect and cost effective solution for your drainage problems. Call Excavation Contractors LLC today for a proposal to install a french drain on your property!

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